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Homemade Vs Store Bought Stretch Mark Creams

December 28, 2013

For most people, women especially, stretch marks are a fact of life. They come from stretching and damaging the fibers in the skin. Stretch marks appear as red lines and eventually fade to lighter-colored streaks. They are notorious for appearing during pregnancy, but they can appear during a variety of life changes. Stretch marks occur anytime that the skin is stretch beyond its normal state. Rapid weight gain, increase in muscle, or fast growth in young people are prevalent causes of stretch marks. There are numerous stretch mark creams available on the market as well a homemade remedies for these unpleasant changes of the body.

Store Bought Stretch Mark Creams

There are a multitude of creams available to treat stretch marks. Most contain a variety of oils and vitamins that replenish the skin and help reduce redness. Some brands include ingredients that rid the skin of the surface cells which prevent the body from absorbing the product. These ingredients also help resurface the top layer of skin. The ingredients in these products vary, and they are usually fairly expensive.

Choose a product that can be returned if the product does not fulfill the promises made by the company. Many brands will allow enough time for the product to show results before the deadline to return it. Do not chose a product from a company that has only a short time in which to return the cream because it may take 6-8 weeks to see any improvement. Before spending time and money on a product, research it. They are many websites that critique individual products and rate them based on results. Consult product reviews to learn which products are worth investing in.

Homemade Stretch Mark Creams

Stretch marks will eventually fade on their own, and no product will get rid of them completely. It is important to decide if the store bought items are worth the price. There are many homemade stretch mark creams that claim to do as much as the expensive store bought brands for a fraction of the cost. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E are the most common factors among the homemade remedies, and these ingredients are also prevalent in the store bought variety. Some recipes tout the effectiveness of more unusual ingredients such as essential oils and coffee.  Sometimes the best stretch mark creams are ones that are all natural. These homemade creams are similar in content to the more expensive options and are worth a try for the price.

Homemade Versus Store Bought

Many of the products on the market have similar ingredients as homemade recipes. The store bough kind may contain a few items that will help the body shed the layers of dead skin that may be preventing the body from absorbing the product and recondition the top layer of skin. The homemade options, however, are far less expensive than the store bought versions and work well too. The most expensive products are not all ways the ones that work the best, so it is important to do research on a product before buying it.

Electronic Waste Must be Recycled to Prevent Damage to the Environment

October 13, 2013

Everyone knows what waste is and just how important recycling and responsible waste removal is for Mother Earth; but, do you ever consider electronic waste and how it impacts our environment? This special type of refuse is not only dangerous when initially disposed of, but due to the very nature of electronic waste, long term consequences for the our planet can be negative if not processed in a responsible and safe manner.

Electronic waste is not always as obvious as you might think. Sure you know about personal electronic cameras, laptops, and tablets; but what about outdated batteries, flash drives which no longer work, or damaged SD cards? These items may be smaller than a desktop computer and many people easily toss these no longer used items right in the trash without a second thought, but these items are classified as electronic waste when thrown in the trash.

Many discarded electronics contain harmful “residue substances” such as acids, beryllium, cadmium, chromium hexavalent, lead, mercury, brominated flame retardants, just to name a few. The present danger of improperly disposed of electronic waste has been detected, not only in the initial place of disposal, but owing to the global economy (because poorer countries purchase electronic waste for recycling and resale), in precious natural resources throughout the world.

electronic waste

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The byproducts of electronic waste have been proven to be environmentally persistent and unfortunately, bioccumulative. Unlike an invasion of a natural material (sand, for example, can be cleaned up by wind or water), Mother Nature does not have a method to clean up these toxic contaminants in an affected area. These harmful residue chemicals will remain and contribute to the decay of the effected area.

Since 2010 several studies have measured tissues of wildlife, environmental sediments (fresh water, insect life, birds’ eggs, plant fibers, animal tissues, etc.); the findings have indicated that not only are these hazardous chemicals present where they should not be, but the rate of occurrence and accumulation have been increasing at an exponential rate. Once these chemicals are dumped and unchecked, a chemical process begins whereby the witches brew begins to simmer and percolate, creating a most dangerous chemical concoction. Poorer countries easily employee the lowest paid members of the labor force to reprocess electronic waste, without consideration to personal or environmental safety.

Continued exposure of the environment to these harmful chemicals has been proven to increase risks for cancer, birth defects, etc. to those who are locally employed for sorting and reprocessing of electronic waste materials. Additionally, the food and water supply is almost always contaminated beyond a safe level for consumption. Further studies have proven that these toxic chemicals from electronic waste have been leaking into grounds, water tables, rivers, and oceans; over time, these toxins have traveled by way of sea life, evaporation, and water currents away from the designated recycling areas to other geographic locations all around the globe.

Electronic waste must be considered for safe recycling. Living in richer countries, we may never think about what happens to all of those old electronic items when we decide to upgrade to the latest iPad of Smart Phone. However, even if the electronic waste is purchased by and shipped off to a poor country (where we don’t have to think about it), because the waste is so dangerous, we must all work together and act responsibly to make sure that these materials are properly disposed of.

We only have one Earth. She is in our care. She is not replaceable.

Do Real Psychics Actually Exist?

September 30, 2013

Not everyone believes in psychics, but that’s possibly because there are so many ‘frauds’ out there claiming to hold all the answers.

The Types of Psychics:

There are the ones that claim to be able to see into your future; tell you all about the moment you’ll meet your ‘soulmate’, if you’re likely going to get that desperately fought out promotion at work you’ve been trying so hard to get, or if you’re going to suddenly become a billionaire overnight by the growth of a new money tree in your backyard that replenishes even if you forget to water it. You usually encounter psychics of this kind by calling a hotline you may have seen advertised on TV or in a magazine, most claim to give out ‘free’ readings for the first minute or so before you have to hand over the digits to your credit card. They also take up shop where you can walk-in and get a palm or tarot reading.

Then there are the ones that seem like they’re due a little more credit and perhaps, respect. These are the ones that occasionally work for the police. The ones that actually seem to possess a supernatural power that can help cops and FBI agents find kidnapped children, locate bodies, find a killer… No matter how far-fetched it seems. This method, however, is not relied on because even these psychic detectives can be wrong. Families of a loved one may seek out the help of one of these psychics if the police case isn’t going anywhere, isn’t moving at a pace they would like, or is considered ‘cold’ often just to see if a psychic can offer any new information the cops may have missed or not be on the right track about. In any case, it can’t exactly hurt the case… Unless a prediction causes something terrible to happen, or a psychic tells horrible information to the family that ends up not even being true. Which has happened numerous times.


What Do They Both Have In Common?

Usually both psychics (Both of which whom claim to be real), give off vague and rather meaningless readings that leave you left interrupting what was said yourself. That technique only gives more leeway for the physic to be ‘right’ about their prediction since a very vague reading can likely pertain to various results, and not to anything specific. Perhaps the physic you went and saw said you’ll ‘come into’ a small fortune; Then you went home and decided to clean, thus finding a few nickles and dimes between the couch cushions. Small fortune indeed. However even their vague predictions can be wrong and meaningless, and usually told over and over to every ‘client’ that contacts them for a reading.

You may have heard of a few occasions of real psychics successfully helping a police investigation; Whether it be when it came to catching a killer, locating an abducted person (Dead or alive) and other various scenarios they could have potentially ‘helped’ in the police making a break in a case or solving it altogether. So, if that’s the case, why don’t the police use the help of these psychic detectives more often?  Because psychic predictions end up being wrong or not substantial (As in vague) enough to lead to anything. The last thing the cops (As well as the families and friends involved with the case) want to do is be misinformed and potentially led in the wrong direction. That’s precious time that doesn’t need to be wasted. Actual substantial information only come on rare occasions, far between, and perhaps only with the help of ‘real’ psychics who actually possess a supernatural power like they say they do.

The bottom line; Neither psychic can prove any reliability and any information given by one should be taken with a grain of salt.

Best-Selling Human Growth Hormone Supplements

May 15, 2013

With its long list of health benefits, no wonder why many individuals support products like HGH supplements. This synthetic form of human growth hormone is known to reduce aging and eliminate body fats, but aside from that, such products are also proven helpful in dealing with heart-related problems, bone deficiency, and other serious health concerns. However, as much as you want to shop immediately, it’s best to check out first these best-selling HGH pills.

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Dangers of HGH Supplements

May 5, 2013

If you’ve ever heard about the product HGH supplements or human growth hormone pills, you might think that this is one of the few products that are filled with advantages and barely has a disadvantage. Indeed, human growth hormone supplements have a long list of benefits that allow us live a better and more productive life. However, that does not erase the fact that HGH products have dangers and side-effects, as well. Hence, prior to purchasing an over-the-counter HGH, better check this article first and discover the risks entailed with it.

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